Barbara is the great grand child of Macario Angel, founder of La Floresta Café. She is now running operations and distribution from Orlando, Florida.

Twelve grapes in twelve seconds! Can you manage it?

While in many other countries people get prepared to receive the new year in different ways, Mexicans have their own way to celebrate the beginning of the New Year calling abundancy, good luck, fortune, love, and happiness.  Let me quote some of them:
1. Hurry! You’ve got to finish 12 grapes within the first 12 seconds of the New Year.
While many people toast to the new year, hug each other and nab a kiss, Mexicans are busy eating 12 grapes with each chime of the clock’s bell. “Las doce uvas de la suerte” The meaning: 12 resolutions and/or wishes for the new year. But so far, I have never managed to finish the 12 grapes in 12 seconds, is better to be safe than sorry. A real danger of choking!
2. Is a new year, get the old out and bring the new and fresh in.
Clean your house, mop your floors with water and cinnamon for renewal and make sure to take a bath or a shower! These are part of the New Years Rituals which will bring good vibes and take all the bad energy out.
3. Sweep all the dust out of your home and sweep the coins and fortune in
Nope, you don’t have to spend all day long cleaning and sweeping, this is only a ritual at midnight. Throw some grains to the floor such as lentils and rice and 12 coins. Sweep them from outside to inside your house. We believe that will bring fortune and prosperity.
4. All you need is Love? Money? Health? We have the solution
Wear colored underwear: RED for love, YELLOW for money or GREEN for health. Your pick! you should see the underwear stands at each Mexican market during this time of the year!
5. En sus marcas, listos..a viajar! Take your suitcase for a walk.
Oh yes, make sure to grab a suitcase and take it for a walk, the further you walk, the further you’ll travel in the New Year. I never went too far, just outside the front door but it kind of worked I guess.
There you go, these are only a few rituals we love to do and even more, we love to share it with the world! I have done some of them every year regardless of where I’m at.  Have fun with it and get ready.
Last but not least:  leave your coffee maker ready to have a freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning because you will need it. I recommend any of our single origins for a change! Try our Jade from Oaxaca, bold, intense and delicious. It is perfect to welcome the new year!
Cheers to the new year!
La Floresta Cafe Team
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