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Why a blend?

When you look for a balance between the body, the aroma, the acidity and the main qualities of the coffee, the answer is a blend.  We create balanced flavored coffee cups to satisfy different kind of palates, we enhance the flavor of each blend by tasting each one of our coffees getting the best out of them.

There’s a myth regarding blends, people may think that they will get cheap and bad quality coffee mixed and roasted to the point where it’s poor properties cannot be perceived, however not all the blends are bad. We carefully source our beans and make sure we’re only partnering with high quality coffee producers, we know where the best beans come from and we only get them from those regions, only high grown mountain coffee. Our expertise back us up. 

Creating a “delicious blend” takes time, many tastings, detailed measurements and then enhancing that flavor with the roasting process until we achieve the “perfect cup”.

We only have high quality Mexican coffee, it is only the mix of each type of bean that changes from blend to blend so you cannot go wrong by giving them a try!

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