Barbara is the great grand child of Macario Angel, founder of La Floresta Café. She is now running operations and distribution from Orlando, Florida.

MEXICAN POSADAS... time for "Ponche" and "Cafe de Olla"

A “Posada” is just another of the many outstanding traditions that Mexico has to offer! This Christmas tradition is typically celebrated prior to Christmas eve and has its origin in Mary’s and Joseph’s 9-day pilgrimage from Nazareth to Bethlehem. On their journey, no room was offered to them, but some generous villagers hosted them in an old horse stable where they could rest and where Mary gave birth to Jesus.
People in Mexico revive the 9-day pilgrimage by offering their home and gathering with family, friends, and neighbors, bringing traditional Mexican dishes, “Ponche” a fruit punch with cane sugar, fruits, and “Piquete” (liquor), piñatas filled with fruits, nuts and Mexican candy (Colación). Often, they reenact Mary’s and Joseph’s arrival in Bethlehem by having one group staying outside and the other inside. The outside group light candles and sing a traditional song asking for “posada” which means as much as “a place to stay”. The inside group opens the door and receives everyone in the house.  
Then, it’s time to celebrate and sing.
Since colonial times “Posadas” are a pre-Christmas Celebration for the Catholics, however, nowadays many people celebrate it by just gathering and sharing a good time with their family and friends, drinking "Ponche" or “Café de Olla",  eating traditional food and breaking a piñata.
And as always when friends and family gather, a good cup of coffee is part of every celebration. Check out our Classic Roast “Armonia” with hints of chocolate notes and a nutty flavor that will help any host to impress their guests.   




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