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Organic Mexican coffee

it's organic! 

Our coffee is “ecologically” produced in the southern mountainous regions of our country, hence its name “mountain-grown coffee” (café de Altura)” at small locally owned and operated coffee farms. Not all our coffees carry the "organic" label, because some farmers simply are too small or cannot afford the certification process 

mexican coffee grows under shade


In Mexico the coffee is grown under shade by a stratum of trees simulating a cultivated forest. This gives distinctive peculiarities to the coffee harvested in Mexico, since the shade facilitates a process of gradual maturation of the fruits, absorbing the best compounds of the soil which gives the coffee greater opportunity to ripe in an optimal form.

small batch roasts

We roast our coffees slowly and in small batches to achieve the perfect taste and aroma. We don’t add additives to enhance the flavor or give more body, we only roast Arabica Beans. As you see, we can track and are involved in every step of the coffee production and roasting chain. Now for more than 100 years. Our Single Origins are available all year long, we don't depend on third parties and our balanced blends will give your day a perfect start. If you like the coffee you will always get it, no need to wait until the next season. 


Together with our amazing and committed team, we work with small co-ops from Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca, which gives the farmers the opportunity to get their coffee paid fairly and to promote it not only in Mexico but here in the US too. We are always willing to participate in charitable events trying to help the local communities in any way we can.