Barbara is the great grand child of Macario Angel, founder of La Floresta Café. She is now running operations and distribution from Orlando, Florida.


We love coffee and strongly believe that everyone who enjoys it too should have the chance to drink an amazing cup of hot fresh brewed coffee, but due to any specific reason, it is not possible. That’s why we also wanted to give that opportunity to those coffee lovers that cannot ingest caffeine. Enjoy this amazing Mexican Decaf, medium roasted but with a strong aroma! Perfect for a late afternoon latte.

97% caffeine free, 100% full flavor!

Interestingly enough, decaf coffee is not completely decaffeinated.

Usually a 12 oz. coffee cup contains something around 160-180 mg. of caffeine depending on the coffee variety and the type of brew that is used.  Robusta coffee (grown in lower plantations) contains a higher amount of caffeine, however, you don’t have to worry about it since we only offer arabica coffee from high grown mountains in Mexico containing less amount of caffeine.  Nevertheless, and according to USDA, decaffeinated coffee only needs to be 97% caffeine free, meaning that an average of a that an average 12 oz. cup of decaffeinated coffee will contain less than 5 mg. of caffeine.

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